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Ruq One’s Designer Flips

Ruq one’s Designer Flips
By Immanu El

The Artist
Dirty drums and finely chopped samples gives Designer Flips a rugged boom bap feel. Chicago Illinois producer, Ruq One brings you a 25 track beat tape with some of your favorite samples sliced beyond recognition for the most part. As a master of the Machine MK3, he flexes his skill with an undeniable passion for hip hop/soul/jazz fusion.


Influenced by legendary producers such as DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Large Professor, The Alchemist, Sir Jinx and 9th Wonder, Ruq One also gives respect to some of the newer producers like Daringer and Hitboy. This project reflects his own unique take on the production styles that have affected him as a beat maker.



The Project
The intro to Designer Flips pretty much sets the tone for the beat tape with Ruq One using an audio clip from the 2002 film, Paid in Full. I believe it’s the scene where Lulu is explaining to Ace how he would be the only one in the street with product of high quality. Then we move to track two where you’re met with a gritty sound that takes you back to the early 90’s. Each track is layered with multiple samples which contribute to them being barely recognizable.


Social Media and Streaming Outlets
This producer definitely has a flavor that he can call his own. His sampling style is very unique and each beat certainly has a “Designer Flip!” The new project is available on Bandcamp. Follow @ruqone on Instagram for updates and his Bandcamp link. Be sure to give your feedback on his particular art form. Producers like Ruq One keep boom bap hip hop alive!

Mellow Mystic Music is now on Patreon

By Immanu El

Peace! Mellow Mystic Music has been in full effect since 2017 with the release of my album entitled: Optical Illusion. Since then, I have released beat tapes, mixtapes, Beat albums and more. My goal is to be able to put out more frequent posts and better production quality. I’m also looking to hire a social media marketing team as I have been doing it all myself which takes away from me doing what i actually do best; making music. If you are interested in becoming a member, for only $5 a month, I’m offering exclusive access on all of my products, every release, prizes and giveaways. Artists who become members will receive a discount on all beats. I receive comments from a lot of you guys saying how much you like what i do and each comment is greatly appreciated. Let’s take that love and support to the next level. To become a patron, click the link below. Here’s what you’ll receive access to as a patron:

1. Sample Packs

2. Drum Kits

3. Beat Albums

4. Beat Tapes

5. Mixtapes

6. Albums

7. Promotion on my Instagram page (@dopemuzikrepost) anytime you want.

The price of one sample pack alone is $5.00, so I don’t have to go into detail about the value that comes with your membership!


StereoType Mixtape Coming Soon

By Immanu El

While in Egypt, I teamed up with Great Dame for a mixtape paying tribute to the old school Golden Age classics. Together, we are StereoType. There’s an interesting story as to how this group was started, but I’ll save it for a later post. The mixtape is entitled: Reminisce, and will be available exclusively right here at Follow @mellowmysticmusic on IG for updates.