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Mellow Mystic Music is now on Patreon

By Immanu El

Peace! Mellow Mystic Music has been in full effect since 2017 with the release of my album entitled: Optical Illusion. Since then, I have released beat tapes, mixtapes, Beat albums and more. My goal is to be able to put out more frequent posts and better production quality. I’m also looking to hire a social media marketing team as I have been doing it all myself which takes away from me doing what i actually do best; making music. If you are interested in becoming a member, for only $5 a month, I’m offering exclusive access on all of my products, every release, prizes and giveaways. Artists who become members will receive a discount on all beats. I receive comments from a lot of you guys saying how much you like what i do and each comment is greatly appreciated. Let’s take that love and support to the next level. To become a patron, click the link below. Here’s what you’ll receive access to as a patron:

1. Sample Packs

2. Drum Kits

3. Beat Albums

4. Beat Tapes

5. Mixtapes

6. Albums

7. Promotion on my Instagram page (@dopemuzikrepost) anytime you want.

The price of one sample pack alone is $5.00, so I don’t have to go into detail about the value that comes with your membership!


StereoType Mixtape Coming Soon

By Immanu El

While in Egypt, I teamed up with Great Dame for a mixtape paying tribute to the old school Golden Age classics. Together, we are StereoType. There’s an interesting story as to how this group was started, but I’ll save it for a later post. The mixtape is entitled: Reminisce, and will be available exclusively right here at mellowmysticmusic.com. Follow @mellowmysticmusic on IG for updates.